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Google Chrome Software Reporter Tool Demands 100% CPU

When you discover that the “software_reporter_tool” in Google Chrome Web browser takes up too CPU horsepower…

I found this to work best…

Just delete the [SwReporter] folder completely in…

[c:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\]

What’s funny, I found that the Google Chrome Web browser is behaving much better after I did this delete.
Maybe it learned a lesson…

LEARN MORE >>!msg/chrome/ule97gpsA6Q/8_7moL87AgAJ

LEARN MORE >>!topic/chromium-discuss/7_QqG2JMqFI


I did not try this…

Chrome Cleanup Tool
This application will scan and remove software that may cause problems with Chrome, such as crashes, unusual startup pages or toolbars, unexpected ads you can’t get rid of, or otherwise changing your browsing experience.



Michael Schumacher – Formula 1 Legend Collection On Display

One of the world’s most notable motor sport collections will be on display as a permanent exhibition at MOTORWORLD Köln – Rheinland: the private collection of Formula 1 legend Michael Schumacher.

The Michael Schumacher Private Collection will open its doors to visitors for the first time, 16 June 2018. Showcasing Michael’s own collection of race cars, helmets, trophies and other memorabilia from his record breaking career, access is provided as a thank you gesture to fans from the Schumacher family.

Visitors will be able to admire go-karts from his early days, sports cars, trophies, unique memorabilia, and naturally most of the F1 cars with which he won seven world championships. The Michael Schumacher Private Collection will thus find a perfect home in two senses of the word.

Not only will MOTORWORLD Köln – Rheinland offer a stylish stage, but it is also very close to Schumacher’s home town of Kerpen. And free admission!

Widely regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers ever, and regarded by some as the greatest of all time, Schumacher is the only driver in history to win seven Formula One World Championships, five of which he won consecutively. The most successful driver in the history of the sport, Schumacher holds the records for the most World Championship titles (7), the most Grand Prix wins (91), the most fastest laps (77) and the most races won in a single season (13), and according to the official Formula One website (, Schumacher was “statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen” at the time of his retirement from the sport.

In December 2013, Schumacher suffered a traumatic brain injury in a skiing accident. He was placed in a medically induced coma for six months until 16 June 2014. He left the hospital in Grenoble for further rehabilitation at the University Hospital of Lausanne. On 9 September 2014, Schumacher was relocated to his home where he continues to receive medical treatment and rehabilitation privately.






#TeamMichael #KeepFighting

SOURCES: Michael Schumacher Private Collection, MotoWorld

How Cracker Barrel Restaurants Picks Its Antiques

Natural Born Picker: Meet the Man In Charge of Buying Antiques for Cracker Barrel
Larry Singleton has perfected the art of the old country score. Since 1979, he has been in charge of furnishing every single Cracker Barrel Old Country Store in the nation with authentic memorabilia from our nation’s past. Today, there are 650 Cracker Barrels in 45 states, with roughly 1,000 antique items per location.



PHOTO: Country Living

Cracker Barrel’s collection of 90,000 antiques help create a homespun feel in each of their Old Country Stores. Join Larry Singleton, Cracker Barrel’s décor warehouse manager, on a virtual tour of the warehouse in Lebanon, Tennessee.

HBO Sports – Michigan vs. Ohio State -The Rivalry

ESPN calls it the greatest sports rivalry in North America

Through rare film footage and interviews with top players and coaches, this HBO Sports documentary chronicles the longtime college football rivalry between the Michigan Wolverines and the Ohio State Buckeyes. From the first game in 1897 to the hotly contested and eagerly anticipated showdowns of the 21st century, this program covers the origins, history and traditions of one of college football’s biggest rivalries.

Before the 1970 Michigan-Ohio State game, Rex Kern, the Buckeyes quarterback, recalled Coach Woody Hayes’s nervousness. “‘Don’t you know who we play this week, don’t you know who it is?’” Kern said, quoting Hayes and trying to imitate his gravelly, hectoring voice. “‘My God, it’s Michigan, it’s Michigan!’ And he’s crying and tears are coming down his cheeks and I thought, ‘Whoa, the old man has really lost it.’”

This is a great video to watch and understand more about classic sports rivalries. The rivalry is so intense, I am wondering if the producers of this video had to flip a coin, to decide which team came first in the title.

PHOTO: OSU Archives







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