Helped entrepreneurs raise more than $100 million!

Our entrepreneurs have created businesses that are now worth hundreds of millions of dollars! Following our mission, we have helped prepare the business plans, strategic plans, and financing strategies for thousands of entrepreneurs on their road to success! Here are some examples of entrepreneurs we have helped along the way and real-world success stories! We want to help you join them in your success too!

“I attended one of your seminars way back in the day while I was an undergrad. I got a signed copy of your book, read it a few times, and have been off to the races since. After a brief stint in management consulting, I founded SocialVibe.com, which has since received over $12M in two rounds of VC funding and is healthy and growing with 30 employees and offices in LA and NY! Thanks for igniting the spark ”
– Brandon Mills, SocialVibe.com

“Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success promotes entrepreneurship and provides
the necessary tools for both the new and experienced entrepreneur to stay on course and succeed.”
– Mark Heesen, President, National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)

“Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success is a good checklist of checklists and advice for entrepreneurs.”
– Alfred R. Berkeley, III, Former President and Vice Chairman of The NASDAQ Stock Market, Inc.

“Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success provides smart, practical and forward looking ideas for addressing the challenges faced by entrepreneurs in today’s ever more complicated business environment.”
– Robert Hormats, Vice Chairman & Managing Director, Goldman Sachs & Company

“Written in an amiable style, the book also delivers concise reviews and examples of the entrepreneurial spirit in major companies such as IBM, Microsoft, and Wal-Mart. The author blends it all into a worthy discussion of how-to’s for entrepreneurs just starting out.”
– Harvard Business School

“Robert W. Price has successfully interwoven relevant business history, strategy, and tactics using a very practical and thought provoking style. This is an entrepreneurial MBA between two covers.”
– Warren Packard, Managing Director, Draper Fisher Jurvetson

“As a venture capitalist, I listen to hundreds of pitches each year from entrepreneurs seeking advice or capital. Virtually all of them would be better prepared by following Robert’s Roadmap. Filled with powerful insights and real world examples.”
– Ken Deemer Co-Founder, Tech Coast Angels

“I would say the #1 benefit was that I used it to cross-check that my investor presentation hit all of the topics and major points within topics that you had called out. From that perspective, it was a very useful reference.”
– Jeff Hilbert President and CEO, WiSpry Inc.
Jeff raised over $13.5 million from Blueprint Ventures, American River Ventures, Sid R. Bass Associates, Shepherd Ventures, and the Tech Coast Angels.

“It was a pleasure meeting you, and we are very impressed with your book. The very best of luck to you too. You have a wonderful and engaging positive attitude which is contagious!”
– France Dixon Helfer, President and CEO, Pegasus Biologics, Inc France raised about $32 million from ONSET Ventures, Three Arch Partners, Frazier Healthcare Ventures, Affinity Capital Management, and Life Science Angel Investors.

“Success is always some combination of luck and skill. Price’s roadmap helps minimize our reliance on luck and maximize the part that we can control. It is a must read for anyone venturing out on their own and a valuable refresher for those already there.”
– Diane C. Swonk, Former Director of Economics, Chief Economist, Bank One Corp.

“Robert Price’s exciting book gives stunning insights into the venture world and entrepreneurial process.”
– Randy Lunn, Palomar Ventures

“One of the absolutely best business plan outlines I have seen to date. This book tells you how to make that happen…I feel it is an absolutely necessary read. I give this book 5 stars. (Only the Bible and the Constitution receive 6 stars.)”
– Paul Tulenko, National Small Business Columnist

“This is a great book to read for the real world examples of what it really takes to start and grow a successful business. Read it, learn it, use it.”
– Russell P. Reeder, CEO, Chairman and Founder, Rightsline.com

“Filled with key steps and strategies, it’s a start to finish guide to maximizing growth for new start-ups.”
– American Venture Magazine

“Roadmap is a practical, reality-based book that carefully outlines the entrepreneurial life cycle from ‘opportunity recognition’ to market entry to selling the business.”
– Wells Fargo Bank, Small Business Advisor

“Whether you’re a new business owner or a seasoned veteran, anyone can benefit from Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success. Start to finish, this guide can teach you ways to maximize profitability in your business. Using examples from successful entrepreneurs at the beginning of each chapter, author Robert W. Price walks you through the steps to success.”
– National Federation of Independent Business (NFIB)

“Entrepreneurial capitalism expert Robert W. Price explores six phases of development he says are essential to every startup or spinoff. Price sweeps aside outdated concepts and provides a thoroughly contemporary toolkit for sustainable growth. Two hypotheses pervade this book. The first is that entrepreneurs must learn to finance and operate their ventures in a highly unpredictable environment. The second is, there is always a bull market for innovative, well-executed ideas.”
– Dallas Forth Worth News

“This road map is written for those seeking to travel on the high road; that is, not with a pushcart, kiosk or work-at-home venture. Robert Price does an extremely thorough job of presenting his material in a provocative and thoughtful manner. It would make a fine text for an entrepreneurial course at the university level. The author presents a very compelling glimpse of the Promised Land, and a tempting vision to which self-starters can aspire.”
– Miami Herald

“Good to see you last evening at the Knapp Venture Competition at UCLA. I just ordered your book from Amazon — I look forward to reading it.”
– Betsy Wood Knapp , Co-Founder and Judge, Knapp Venture Competition, UCLA

“I don’t think I ever told you how much I enjoyed reading your book on entrepreneurship, but I finished it some time ago and thought you did a superb job with it.”
– Eli Eisenberg, LARTA Institute

“I bought your book today and I think that it is nothing short of…Brilliant. It is an invaluable tool to anyone who is seeking to start a business and raise capital. Well done, Robert.”
– Robert M. Caldwell, Managing Partner, Caldwell Business and Legal Services

“As a prolific reader of business, venture capital and entrepreneurial books, I would have to say that you will be hard pressed to find a better, more helpful book on the subject of building a business. The insightful interviews in the book with some of the heavy hitters of the VC and Investment Banking world were worth the price of the book alone! I wish I would have had this book fifteen years ago when I was starting my first company.”
– Derek Johnson

“The title of this book, ‘Roadmap,’ does a nice job in capturing what the reader interested in entrepreneurial ventures can expect to get by reading it. Like a city map, Roadmap describes the significant landmarks that are encountered in the entrepreneurial process and how to deal with them from a practical standpoint. I highly recommend Roadmap to anyone serious about starting a business, especially someone going out for the first time.”
– Tom Webster

“I think that this book is and will be instrumental in the development of my business. I bought the book under the pretense that it would help me develop a plan of attack, to give me the seeds to grow from. If I had wanted a magic pill, I am sure the price would have been a little higher. The book helps me establish a trajectory and where I get off is up to me. A must have, a must read.”
– Peter Doesburg

“As a Corporate Entrepreneur, I found the information discussed in this book to be extremely valuable for strengthening my career success. I also appreciated the insights into the VC world that were discussed. Further, I appreciated the additional references cited so that I can conduct more in-depth research on particular areas discussed throughout the book. This book is highly recommended, no matter what your Entrepreneurial Type.”
– Barbara Shaw

“This book was given to me by a Venture Capitalist, as a checklist of what to do to raise money successfully for our startup. He strongly advised me to keep it on my desk as a reference. He was right. I rewrote totally my fast pitch, executive summary, business plan, and PowerPoint presentation after reading the book. I have raised $175,000 so far (in four weeks) from six investors and I am getting ready to meet the VC who gave me the book.”
– Olivier Taupin, Co-founder, DigitalBouquet.com

“Your book is fabulous and validates that we are indeed on the right path.”
– Donna C. Billera, Principal, AcuFlight, Inc.

“I have started reading different sections of your book and I have found it to be OUTSTANDING! I think it should be a must-read in every business school!”
– Feyzi Fatehi, Former Global Director of Strategic Alliances, Hewlett-Packard

“Thank you for allowing us to feature your article in the Business Coach section of our journal Asia Pacific Tech Monitor. Your article would surely enrich the contents of our journal in a significant way.”
– Dr. S. Sahu, Tech Monitor Group

“I loved your web site of global entrepreneurship and your book Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success. I am currently assisting entrepreneurs through the Tate Center for Entrepreneurship at the College of Charleston. I would love to join your linked in network and connect with other researchers and practitioners in global entrepreneurship.”
– Lancie Affonso, Tate Center for Entrepreneurship, College of Charleston

“I evaluate your institute as a gift for entrepreneurs. I am (as a serial entrepreneur) very proud of you all.”
Carlos Eduardo Sedeh

More Testimonials about our courses and workshops

“Thank you so very much for your stimulating presentation to my entrepreneurship class yesterday evening – and for your efforts in putting together the presentation slides which I have forwarded to the students enrolled in the course.”
– Hans Schollhammer, Professor, Entrepreneurship and Venture Initiation, UCLA Anderson School of Business

“We are very pleased to have Robert join our distinguished Executive Community. Since our Executive Summit series is designed for high-level executives with similar backgrounds and interests, I feel that having Robert’s perspective and active participation in our interactive sessions would benefit many of our regular attendees.”
– Gabriel Manzano, Senior Manager, Thought Leadership Program at Frost & Sullivan

“On behalf of the student organizers and the Harold Price Center for Entrepreneurial Studies, we would like to thank you for making the 2004 UCLA Anderson Entrepreneurs Conference such a success. We hope to continue our strong relationship with you in years to come.”
– Emmy Huang, UCLA Anderson Entrepreneurs Conference

“I really enjoyed your presentation and enthusiasm. Thanks for coming aboard and being so accommodative. One attendee mentioned to me after class that he already bought your book. That was great to hear and I look forward to working with you again.”
– Joe Escamilla, Programs Associate, LARTA Institute

“I love what you are doing for e-ship education!!!!”
– Lada Rasochova, Director, Entrepreneurship Programs, A. Rady School of Management (UCSD)

“It was a pleasure to talk with you at last night’s seminar. As always, you have very good comments to make.”
– Robert L. Reis, Bristol Capital

“Robert’s advice was great! He helped us prepare our business plan and our financing strategies. Robert also taught me things about Entrepreneurial Ventures that I didn’t cover in Business School.”
– Mike Himley (PMP, MBA), Entrepreneur-Founder and CEO of Eagle Intelligence

“I just wanted to write you briefly to thank you for your inspiring and thought provoking boot camp yesterday. I’ve never been so glad that I didn’t spend my Saturday surfing and catching up on busywork. I purchased your book from you as we were leaving, and I can’t remember being this excited to dive into some extracurricular reading. Anyway, thank you for giving a graduating structural engineering and management science student an entirely new outlook on business ventures and on the possibilities of not having to work the rest of my life for someone else, overworked and underpaid. If I’m going to put in 110 hour weeks, it’s gonna be my pie! Dreaming, Planning, and soon Doing…”
– Brandon Mills

“I enjoyed your presentation last night. Your background and accolades are certainly impressive.”
– Robert Whittle, President, All Hands Technology

“You gave a great talk at the Inventor’s meeting.”
– Leticia Cano, President, Biomarker Profiles Corporation

“It was great speaking with you last night. You really got me pumped up about this whole VC/Angel thing.”
– Roel Zylstra, VP, WinnerZone.com

“Thanks Robert. Your guidance was very helpful in getting to this point. I will be presenting at next months meeting, just doing some reconnaissance.”
– Marcus Crockett

“Last night’s TCVN was awesome. Thanks once again for sharing your insightful remarks! I love my new knowledge about working with angels.”
– Nancy Fisher Wilhelms, WestGroup, Inc.

“Your presentation, ‘Placing Your Business Plan with Angels’ at the recent TCVN was absolutely informative!!!”
– Frieda F. Heh

“It was great to meet you too. I really enjoyed your presentation!”
– Roger Dawson, Author of Secrets of Power Negotiating

“It was great meeting you and being on the same panel of speakers. Yes, I will of course refer your book to others.”
– John De Puy, Oaktree Ventures, Inc.

“I liked hearing your systematic way of walking someone through the entrepreneurial process. I am sure that many people will benefit from your fine work.”
– Penelope S. Tzougros, Financial Planner, Author, National Speaker, Radio Show host

“I thought the presentation was top drawer. Anytime someone can both produce and stick to an agenda, I’m happy! Again, nice meeting you and thanks for a great, succinct job.”
– Tim Mournian, Project Development, Gekko Engineering

“I wanted to THANK YOU again for your assistance and the information you gave me to help me. I could not have done it without your help. Thank You again ”
– Rosey

“I really enjoyed your class. You bring so much energy and vast knowledge into the classroom. Your style of teaching is participative and makes us learn more. I would recommend you for the best teacher!”
– Bernadette Mayers

“I would like to thank you for a wonderful experience. I thoroughly enjoyed your class.”
– Sandi Mejia

“I really enjoyed the experience in your class and I have to say that I also managed to learn a lot! I think you did a great job in making to class fun and interactive, while teaching us a little something along the way. Thanks again for everything and I wish you the best moving forward.”
– DeAndre Lane

“Thank you for being such a positive influence in my life. I hope I have the good fortune of attending another class taught by you in the future. Once again thank you.”
– Almira Afshari

“You are an inspiring individual and I appreciate everything learned in our class.”
– Stephanie Riddle

“I wanted to drop a quick note to you and mention what a joy it was to have a teacher as skilled and as talented as Robert. I was impressed with Robert’s energy and enthusiasm for the course material. Robert was dynamic in class giving us real life examples of how to evaluate businesses, not for what they are but how they could be. He was able to motivate student involvement and always keep us on track when we strayed.”
– John Heier

“Thank you so much Robert. I really enjoyed your class, you really know how to motivate and challenge students at the same time. I am glad I had the experience of taking this class with you. Again, thank you, and please keep up the good work.”
– Rose Megian

“Thanks again for your course instruction. I learned a great deal about what’s required to achieve entrepreneurial success.”
– Tim O’Connor

“As a student, thank you for being an excellent facilitator and for challenging me in the class. Thank you for a dynamic class.”
– Angela Sidney

“In summary, Mr. Price is unquestionably a very gifted and skillful instructor, who is able to convey the materials he teaches in a meaningful and understandable way, while encouraging and facilitating student participation on a highly professional and unique approach. He has managed to rekindle my own enthusiasm again regarding my own endeavors and goals.”
– Rainey Grenier

“Dear Robert, You have my word that I will spread the word. Great site! It has so many interesting articles. Best Regards.”
– Peter Gower

“I have been a subscriber to your newsletter for a number of months and find it very interesting and informative. I am Director of the Barclays Centre for Entrepreneurship at the University of Durham in UK.”
– David Johnson

“You have great ideas!…It would be nice to be in touch!”
– Marcelo Sousa

“Great stuff! Thanks for sharing, one fresh idea and you can change the world, keep up the great work.”
– Chad Harris

“I am currently assisting entrepreneurs through the Tate Center for Entrepreneurship at the College of Charleston. I would love to join your linked in network and connect with other researchers and practitioners in global entrepreneurship.”
– Lancie Affonso, Tate Center for Entrepreneurship, College of Charleston

“I would like to subscribe to The Roadmap To Entrepreneurial Success newsletter. Accept my applause for the great work you are doing. Looking forward to hearing from you.”
– Oke Adeoye