Amazon Presents New Series About Formula One Racing

Grand Prix Driver
This series offers unprecedented access to FORMULA ONE racing, a highly secretive and competitive world. It follows McLaren, one of the sport’s most successful teams, during the 2017 pre-season as they gear up for their first race in Melbourne. After three tough years without a win, McLaren is hopeful that they will be back on top with their promotion of rookie driver, Stoffel Vandoorne.


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How To Move The World’s Most Powerful Telescope

For the past 9 months or so, NASA has been testing the James Webb Space Telescope in a giant cryogenic chamber at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas. The $8.8 billion Webb telescope is the most powerful telescope NASA has ever built.

It was packed up and shipped to aerospace firm Northrop Grumman in Los Angeles. They will get the telescope into its launch configuration, a process that will take months. Then it goes by ship next spring from Southern California to French Guiana, where it is scheduled to be launched on an Ariane rocket in June 2019.



Petersen Automotive Museum – Display For Rarest Porsches in America

The Porsche Effect, a display that focuses on the impact of the German car from a cultural and design perspective with a selection of sports and race cars along with renderings and engines opens at the Peterson Automotive Museum on Feb. 3. It is also the car manufacturer’s 70th anniversary.

The exhibition is made up of dozens of cars, historical documents and artifacts that trace the evolution of the cars not just as road and race vehicles, but also as works of kinetic art. Models on display include a very rare 1938 Berlin-Rome Type 64 race car, Steve McQueen’s 1958 Porsche 356A 1600 Super Speedster, and a Porsche Gulf 917K.

The Petersen Automotive Museum
6060 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90036



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World Cancer Day – February 04 2018

World Cancer Day raises awareness of the millions of people world-wide facing unequal access to cancer detection, treatment, and care services. With cancer leaders, health professionals and supporters across the world pushing for urgent action to reduce the rate of premature cancer deaths globally, the day calls for diagnostic and treatment access to be prioritized.

Today, there are an estimated 8.8 million deaths from cancer every year. However, it is the low- to middle-income countries who are bearing the brunt, as approximately 70% of deaths occur in developing countries, which are the most ill-equipped to cope with the cancer burden. The starkest area of inequity relates to childhood cancers – a specific group that the WHO underscored in its landmark 2017 Cancer Resolution – with survival rates over 80% in high income countries and as low as 20% in low income countries.

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