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Petersen Automotive Museum – Display For Rarest Porsches in America

The Porsche Effect, a display that focuses on the impact of the German car from a cultural and design perspective with a selection of sports and race cars along with renderings and engines opens at the Peterson Automotive Museum on Feb. 3. It is also the car manufacturer’s 70th anniversary.

The exhibition is made up of dozens of cars, historical documents and artifacts that trace the evolution of the cars not just as road and race vehicles, but also as works of kinetic art. Models on display include a very rare 1938 Berlin-Rome Type 64 race car, Steve McQueen’s 1958 Porsche 356A 1600 Super Speedster, and a Porsche Gulf 917K.

The Petersen Automotive Museum
6060 Wilshire Blvd
Los Angeles, California 90036



SOURCE: Peterson

World Cancer Day – February 04 2018

World Cancer Day raises awareness of the millions of people world-wide facing unequal access to cancer detection, treatment, and care services. With cancer leaders, health professionals and supporters across the world pushing for urgent action to reduce the rate of premature cancer deaths globally, the day calls for diagnostic and treatment access to be prioritized.

Today, there are an estimated 8.8 million deaths from cancer every year. However, it is the low- to middle-income countries who are bearing the brunt, as approximately 70% of deaths occur in developing countries, which are the most ill-equipped to cope with the cancer burden. The starkest area of inequity relates to childhood cancers – a specific group that the WHO underscored in its landmark 2017 Cancer Resolution – with survival rates over 80% in high income countries and as low as 20% in low income countries.

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SOURCE: World Cancer Day

USA Oil Production Exceeds 10 Million Barrels a Day – First Time Since 1970

The war against making money and being successful in the USA has officially ended!

USA oil production is gaining faster than expected as the country races to challenge giants Russia and Saudi Arabia.

Output topped 10 million barrels a day in November, reaching the highest level since 1970 and beating government forecasts by several months, according to data from the Energy Information Administration. The agency previously predicted the country would reach the threshold in February 2018.

On another great note, in advancing the administration’s goals of promoting America’s energy independence, the Bureau of Land Management state offices in 2017 generated nearly $360 million from oil and gas lease sales, an 86 percent increase over the previous year’s results of $192.5 million. Among these sales, which together were the highest in nearly a decade, rights to a total of 949 parcels, covering 792,823 acres, were sold.

“Oil and gas lease sales on public land directly support domestic energy production and the President’s energy dominance and job growth priorities for America,” said Deputy Secretary of the Interior David Bernhardt. “2017 was a big year for oil and gas leasing on federal lands, and these sales provide critical revenue and job growth in rural America. We will continue to work into the next year to identify and modify unnecessary regulations that impede responsible energy development.”

In fiscal year 2016, oil and gas development on BLM-managed lands supported 201,000 jobs nationwide and contributed more than $42 billion in output to the U.S. economy.

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IMAGE: Bloomberg

BBC – Battling to save the world’s bananas

Could the banana, the world’s most exported fruit and the source of nutrients for millions of people, be at risk of extinction?

“All African countries are worried about what’s happening in Mozambique,” says Antonia Vaz, the head of plant pathology at Mozambique’s Ministry of Agriculture.

The BBC was the first to be given access to the farm since it was hit with the disease.

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SOURCES: BBC, Getty Images

Bloomberg – How GE Went From American Icon to Astonishing Mess

Famous for great management, General Electric is staring down a plunging share price, a federal investigation, and possible breakup.

In the century following the Civil War, a handful of technologies revolutionized daily existence. The lightbulb extended the day, electric appliances eased domestic drudgery, and power stations made them all run. The jet engine collapsed distance, as, in other ways, did radio and television. X-ray machines allowed doctors to peer inside the body, vacuum tubes became the brains of early computers, and industrial plastics found their way into everything. All those technologies were either invented or commercialized by General Electric Co.

For most of its 126-year history, GE has exemplified the fecundity and might of corporate capitalism. It manufactured consumer products and industrial machinery, powered commercial airliners and nuclear submarines, produced radar altimeters and romantic comedies. It won Nobel Prizes and helped win world wars. And it did it all lucratively, rewarding investors through recessions, technological disruption, and the late 20th century collapse of American manufacturing.

That long, proud run may have come to an end.

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SOURCE: Bloomberg

ScienceMag – Naked mole rats defy the biological law of aging

If you are thinking that he has to give up good looks for longevity, then think again. I am sure he is pretty to his mom and to his lady friends. Or else they would not exist and still be making babies.

Scientists have long noted that naked mole rats—burrowing rodents with wrinkled, pink skin and large protruding teeth that live in large, subterranean colonies—show few signs of aging and far surpass the life span expected of a rodent this size. Mice in captivity live at most 4 years; based on their size, naked mole rats would not be expected to live past 6 years. Instead, some live beyond 30 years, and even at that age breeding females stay fertile.

Comparative biologist Rochelle Buffenstein has studied the animals for more than 30 years and has, quite literally, collected a lifetime’s worth of data. For each animal in her care, she recorded the date of birth and when it died, and whether it was killed for an experiment or given away to other researchers.

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SOURCE: ScienceMag, National Geographic

Deutsche Welle – German Retailer Aldi Set to Build 2,000 Homes Above its Berlin Stores

Amid intense rivalry in the grocery business, Aldi Nord says it wants to put apartments above some of its supermarkets. Real estate in the German capital is at peak demand, amid high immigration and a lack of new homes.

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