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Rockwell International Technology Transfer

Rockwell International was one of the largest military/defense suppliers to the United States. Consulting assignment for technology transfer and commercialization of technologies that were originally created for military applications. Utilizing plasma-arc technology that used for destroying nuclear-biological-chemical (NBC) warheads left over from the collapse of the Soviet Union, Robert created the world’s first “medical waste appliance” for destroying medical waste found in hospitals and medical clinics.

For his work he was honored by the Appliance Manufacturer Magazine, and the Association of Home Appliance Manufacturers.

ToughLove Online Parenting Services

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ToughLove has the resources, strategic partners, and affiliate groups all over the world and needed a complete organizational audit to get started with its new strategic initiatives. The Founders of this world-famous 25-year-old organization knew that they were getting old and needed an entirely new leadership team to take their Company into the 21st century. With the new venture team in place, the Company has raised more than $3 million, and released a brand new book published by McGraw-Hill.

Inspired by the revolutionary bestseller Toughlove, a guide to help parents discipline their children with love and consistency Toughlove was an international bestseller and one of the first guidebooks for parents of extremely troubled teens. The Toughlove Prescription picks up where the million-plus mega-seller left off, helping you discipline your children, who live in a world saturated by cell phones, the Internet, and graphic displays of nudity and violence. This book helps you apply the Toughlove® techniques to more-common problems such as a messy room, smoking, and homework. It also incorporates a new, four-step program for you to reach out to your teens.

Tours Mirador Incubadora

Tour Mirador es un proyecto empresariado social del Global Entrepreneurship Institute. Somos el grupo de
reflexión mundial para los empresarios. Fundada en 1998, el Global Entrepreneurship Institute es una
organización sin fines de lucro organización educativa. Estamos ayudando a los empresarios de todo el

Decimos: Piensa de tu sueño! Piensa de tu plan! Y Hazlo! (Dream It! Plan It! Do It!) En nuestra incubadora
de empresas hemos preparado el proyecto para ayudar/brindir ideas como: articulos culturales, manualidades
locales, informacion/guia para turistas. Es una red para compartir información de viajes en América Latina y
todos los partes del mundo con un fuerte enfoque para ayudar a las micro empresas que participan en el

Nuestra Misión: Ayudar y apoyar el turismo en todo el mundo, El turismo es uno de los mayores servicios de
la industria mundial, Tenemos un fuerte enfoque para ayudar a las micro empresas que participan en el

Problema: Crisis económica mundial causará el aumento de fricción política entre los países. Bajarán los
servicios de turismo global. Tours Mirador presente una buena visión de buenos países y buena gente.
Queremos ayudar a las naciones, las empresas, la gente en América Latina. Hay muchas partes de América
Latina que sobrevive sólo gracias al turismo. La crisis económica mundial va a herir a muchas personas en
esta zona.

Tech Coast Angels Investors Network

Tech Coast Angels network of over 270 angel investors with a mission to fund early stage technology ventures in Southern California. Group operates three regional networks in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Provides seed and early-stage capital in the range of $250K-$2M, an investment range not generally served by VCs.

Since 1997 TCA members have invested over $65 million in more than 100 Southern California companies, together with $650 million from co-investors. Their Web site is used to screen all their deals and help investors in the angel community stay connected.

24 Hour Fitness and Family Fitness

Family Fitness
The largest fitness chain in Southern California was eventually purchased by 24 Hour Fitness chain.
– Created the first preventative maintenance programs
– Worked with all major major brands of fitness equipment Nautilus, LifeCycle, Hammer Strength, Stairmaster, Cybex
– Led all purchasing of fitness equipment
– Led all design and layout of new locations

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