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Tours Mirador Incubadora

Tour Mirador es un proyecto empresariado social del Global Entrepreneurship Institute. Somos el grupo de
reflexión mundial para los empresarios. Fundada en 1998, el Global Entrepreneurship Institute es una
organización sin fines de lucro organización educativa. Estamos ayudando a los empresarios de todo el

Decimos: Piensa de tu sueño! Piensa de tu plan! Y Hazlo! (Dream It! Plan It! Do It!) En nuestra incubadora
de empresas hemos preparado el proyecto para ayudar/brindir ideas como: articulos culturales, manualidades
locales, informacion/guia para turistas. Es una red para compartir información de viajes en América Latina y
todos los partes del mundo con un fuerte enfoque para ayudar a las micro empresas que participan en el

Nuestra Misión: Ayudar y apoyar el turismo en todo el mundo, El turismo es uno de los mayores servicios de
la industria mundial, Tenemos un fuerte enfoque para ayudar a las micro empresas que participan en el

Problema: Crisis económica mundial causará el aumento de fricción política entre los países. Bajarán los
servicios de turismo global. Tours Mirador presente una buena visión de buenos países y buena gente.
Queremos ayudar a las naciones, las empresas, la gente en América Latina. Hay muchas partes de América
Latina que sobrevive sólo gracias al turismo. La crisis económica mundial va a herir a muchas personas en
esta zona.

Tech Coast Angels Investors Network

Tech Coast Angels network of over 270 angel investors with a mission to fund early stage technology ventures in Southern California. Group operates three regional networks in Los Angeles, Orange County, and San Diego. Provides seed and early-stage capital in the range of $250K-$2M, an investment range not generally served by VCs.

Since 1997 TCA members have invested over $65 million in more than 100 Southern California companies, together with $650 million from co-investors. Their Web site is used to screen all their deals and help investors in the angel community stay connected.

24 Hour Fitness and Family Fitness

Family Fitness
The largest fitness chain in Southern California was eventually purchased by 24 Hour Fitness chain.
– Created the first preventative maintenance programs
– Worked with all major major brands of fitness equipment Nautilus, LifeCycle, Hammer Strength, Stairmaster, Cybex
– Led all purchasing of fitness equipment
– Led all design and layout of new locations

Roland Sands New Blood Movie: Story of the Kenny Roberts V5 Tracker

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Roland Sands And “King” Kenny Roberts Story Of The V5 Tracker
“King” Kenny Roberts and his prestigious race team provided motorcycle designer Roland Sands one of their MotoGP KRV5 engines – the only MotoGP engine to leave the coveted paddock. Never before had a motorcycle designer had the chance to create a complete custom with such a highly-engineered engine.

It would prove trying, yet fruitful as Sands presented Kenny Roberts with a completed bike at Laguna Seca one year from the time they shook hands on the deal.

New Blood details the storied background of both Kenny Roberts and Roland Sands – including interviews from MotoGP Champion Nicky Hayden, Arlen Ness, Perry Sands, and Charlie Boorman.

New Blood provides a glimpse into the creative mind of Roland Sands and incorporates the history of MotoGP racing the drive to deliver this unique motorcycle.

>>Buy at
>>Xtremey Award Winner 2008
>>New York Times Listing

Smart Online First SaaS For Entrepreneurs

Smart Online, Inc. is a pioneer of Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for emerging growth companies. The Company successfully completed their initial public offering in 2005, achieved a marketing capitalization of $150 million, and was listed on the NASDAQ stock market in April 2006.

Now with more than four million customers, the Company’s solutions sold through private label syndication on Fortune 2000 corporate Web sites, including JPMorgan Chase, Union Bank of California, BusinessWeek, Fast Company, and Inc. magazines, and through OEM distribution deals with Dell and Gateway Computers. Investors include Compaq, IBM, and Apollo Management.

Smart Online was Selected for 2006 Forbes Best of the Web Entrepreneurs List

Smart Online, Inc. delivers private-label, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications designed to enable its corporate partners to acquire and retain small business customers. Smart Online’s applications help partners increase their recurring revenue, while aiding their small business customers to more efficiently start, manage and grow their businesses.

OneBiz is a suite of applications for small businesses to manage and grow their business. Track sales and customers, create invoices and pay bills, manage employees, and manage online employee calendars and contacts.

Smart Online, Inc. develops and markets a range of mobile application software products and services to small businesses. It offers Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) applications for business management, Web marketing, and e-commerce. The company’s e-commerce applications enables customers to conduct transactions online; and include shopping cart, financial transactions, shipping, domain name registration, and business-to-business communication applications for small businesses, as well as consulting services, such as Website design and launch. The company also provides services that are designed to complement its product offerings and to create custom business solutions, including business consulting, graphic design, Website content syndication, specialized compensation calculations for organization members, online order management, domain name registration, personalized e-mail creation, and warehouse order fulfillment. In addition, it offers software business tools that assist customers in developing written content; services that assist not-for-profit organizations in their fundraising efforts; and mobile phone applications used to provide specialized communications and e-commerce opportunities for businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Further, it provides Website and mobile consulting services to businesses and not-for-profit organizations. Smart Online, Inc. sells its products and services directly to organizations, as well as through private-label marketing partners to end users. The company was founded in 1993 and is headquartered in Durham, North Carolina.

BZ Bodyboards, Inc.

– Launching new product line and new brand
– The company was started in 1984 and has been going strong ever since.
– Today BZ Bodyboards is considered one of the most popular professional bodyboard brands in the world.
– Their boards are the most technical of their kind.
– The high-end BZ bodyboard is made out of polypropene and can range from $150 to $280.
– They sponsor top name riders all around the world, including World Champ Jeff Hubbard.

Sunshine Makers Creators of Simple Green

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Creators of Simple Green Cleaners
– Assignment was developing and launching new line of industrial cleaners leveraging Simple Green product
– New products included: Simple Green d disinfectant, All-Purpose Wipes, and Safety Towels

Consultant to CEO & Chairman on creation of EGBAR foundation for social cause marketing. EGBAR is an acronym for Everything’s Gonna Be All Right. The company contributes a percentage of its annual sales of Simple Green products to the EGBAR Foundation. The Foundation’s basic goals are to: educate children throughout the world about the importance of protecting the environment; create greater awareness of community environmental clean-up needs; challenge all segments of the community to be responsive to these needs; and raise funds to affect action on projects that address these needs.

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