Today’s Bud Generation Learns How Governments Work

I am having fun saying, “Today’s Bud Generation” because my peers grew up with, “This Bud’s For You!” with Budweiser beer. And we also had the “Pepsi Generation” to connect drinking stodgy soda with the youth.

In January 2018 recreational marijuana was legalized in California. People can go into a retail store and buy it for private and personal consumption.

And guess what? Government wants to come in and tax it to no extremes.

Today’s Bud Generation should ask three questions after getting taxed like this:

1. WTF?
Get energized and motivated to change this.

2. What are these taxes used for?
Today’s Bud Generation is driving around cities streets with pot holes and passing homeless sleeping in parks.

3. How do we get rid of these taxes?
Better yet, how do we get rid of the politicians who do this to us?

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PHOTO: The Cannifornian