Victory Racing Team and Roland Sands Design Conquer Pikes Peak 2016


Don Canet finished second overall in the motorcycle class, first in the electric motorcycle class, aboard his electric Victory Empulse RR. Canet finished just a few seconds behind the fastest motorcycle, a Kawasaki Z1000 piloted by Bruno Langlois.

Victory’s gas-powered Project 156 piloted by Jeremy Toye was third overall in the motorcycle class, and first in Exhibition PowerSport Class at Pikes Peak Hill Climb 2016.

Project 156 is a custom race bike built by Roland Sands Designs to serve as a test bed for a prototype engine Victory race technicians developed to analyze the limits of the powerplant that now propels the new Victory Octane™ production motorcycle.


Garnering what was learned from Project 156, the production version of the 1200cc Octane engine was born. Canet placed well in qualifying aboard Project 156 in 2015 but was unable to finish the run only a few miles from the top of the mountain due to a fueling issue. This year, the bike’s engine cooling, lubrication system and fuel system had been massaged to better deal with the dramatic changes in the elevation of the course – particularly at lower RPM to further help Toye squirt out of the tight switchbacks.


“Two years ago we didn’t have anything to compete with at the hill here,” says Nate Secor, Marketing Manager for Victory Motorcycles. “Now, having two of the three spots in the overall, all of our owners and all of the fans of American motorcycling should be proud. As a brand, we’re extremely proud of all of the work the guys have done on the engineering side and with the riders for putting us in this position. It is a long way to come in two years, and I don’t think anyone else in the world has a podium at the Isle of Man and at Pikes Peak in the same month. So we’re extremely proud of that and will be excited to get back here and make it happen again.”

SOURCE: Victor Motorcycles, MotorCycleDaily

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