Interviews Famous Entrepreurs and other Professionals

The tremendous value of my work reflects the efforts of a great many people over a number of years. It is the result of innumerable interactions and discussions with many significant people. I am very grateful to all the entrepreneurs and professionals listed below whom have helped me along my journey.

It was through their patience and helpfulness that we all gained insights and ideas. Ultimately, it is through their experience that we all can learn!


George Abe: Partner, Palomar Ventures
Guy Abramo: Chief strategy and information officer, Ingram Micro
John Anderson: Topa Real Estate, UCLA Business School
William (Bill) Archey: President and CEO, American Electronics Association
George Argyros: Ambassador, American Embassy, Madrid, Spain
Lance Armstrong: Seven-time winner Tour de France
Kenneth Arrow: Nobel Laureate, Economic Sciences
David Baltimore: Nobel Laureate, medicine
Martin N. Baily: Chairman, Council of Economic Advisors
Robert Bartley: Editor, The Wall Street Journal
Carol Bartz: Executive Chairman, Autodesk
Dan Bassett: Partner, InnoCal Partners
Gary Becker: Nobel Laureate, Economic Sciences
Brian Bedol: Founder, ESPN Classics
Jeffrey Bell: Vice President, Marketing, DaimlerChrysler Corporation
Marc Benioff: Founder,
William Bennett: Former U.S. Secretary of Education
Jeffrey Berg: Chairman, CEO, International Creative Management, Inc
Paul Berg: Nobel Laureate, Molecular and Genetic Medicine
Alfred R. Berkeley III: Former-vice chairman, NASDAQ
David Berkus: Past-president, Tech Coast Angels
Charles Betty: Past-president, Earthlink
Gordon M. Binder: Chairman, Amgen Inc
Frank J. Biondi, Jr: Senior Managing Director, Waterview Advisors
J. Michael Bishop: Nobel Laureate, Physiology Medicine
Stephen Bollenbach: President & CEO, Hilton Hotels Corporation
Gerald Brady: Managing Director, Siemens Mobile Acceleration
Paul Boyer: Nobel Laureate, Chemistry and Biochemistry
Sydney Brenner: Nobel Laureate, Medicine
Nancy Brinker: Founder, Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation
James Buchanan: Nobel Laureate, Economic Sciences
Steven Burrill: CEO, Burrill & Company
Michael D. Capellas: Past-chairman, CEO, Compaq
Karen Caplan: President and CEO, FRIEDA’S, Inc
Chase Carey: President and CEO, DIRECTV
S. Truett Cathy CEO of Chick-fil-A
Peter Chernin: President and CEO, News Corporation
Larisa Chistyakov: Co-founder, Trillium Digital Systems
Clayton Christensen: Author, The Innovator’s Dilemma
Steven Chu: Nobel Laureate, Physics
Randy Churchill: Business Development, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Thomas N. Clancy: Managing director, Enterprise Partners
Ross Cockrell: General partner, Austin Ventures
Herb Cohen: Author, You Can Negotiate Anything
Bill Coleman: Co-founder, BEA Systems
Lewis Coleman: President, Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation
Steven Covey: Author, The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People
Cindy Crawford: Supermodel, and business advisor,
David Cremin, Managing director, DFJ Frontier
Walter Cronkite: TV journalist
Mark Cuban: Co-founder of, owner, Dallas Mavericks basketball team
George D. Dalton: Founder, FiServe, Call_Solutions
Richard Danzig: Chief Naval Officer (CNO) U.S. Navy
Kevin Davies: Editor, Bio-IT World
Sky Dayton: Founder of Earthlink, Boingo Wireless
Hernando de Soto: President, Institute for Liberty and Democracy
Dwight Decker: Chairman, Conexant Systems, Inc
Ken Deemer, Co-founder, Tech Coast Angels
Paul Deninger: Chairman, Broadview, a Jefferies Company
William Derrough: Managing Director, Jefferies & Company, Inc.
Sanu C. Desai: Principal, Chase H&Q
Desh Deshpande: Chairman, Sycamore Networks
Tim Draper: Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Donna Dubinsky: Co-creator of PalmPilot, co-founder, Handspring
Kirby Dyess: Vice president, director of operations, Intel Capital
Gerald Edelman: Nobel Laureate, Medicine
William S. Elkus: Senior Managing Partner, idealab Capital Partners
Larry Ellison: Founder, Oracle
John Elway: Former quarterback, Denver Broncos
Gregory K. Ericksen: Global director, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Award program
Philip Evans: Senior Vice President, Boston Consulting Group
Robert Fogel: Nobel Laureate, Economic Sciences
Steve Forbes: Editor-in-Chief, Forbes magazine
Roy Furman: Vice Chairman, Jefferies & Company
Terry Garnett: General Partner, Venrock Associates
Murray Gell-Mann: Nobel Laureate, Physics
Paul Gigot: Editorial Page Editor, The Wall Street Journal
George Gilder: Author and technology forecaster
Stanley Gold: President and CEO, Shamrock Capital Advisors, Inc.
Daniel Goldin: Former Administrator, NASA
Russell Goldsmith: Chairman and CEO, City National Bank
Mark Gorenberg: Partner, Hummer-Winblad
Kent V. Graham: Partner, O’Melveny & Myers, LLP
Ammar Hanafi: Director of acquisitions, Cisco Corporation
Patrick Harker: Dean, Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania
Lee Hartwell: Nobel Laureate, Medicine
Michael Harris: Senior vice president, FileNet Corporation
Richard Hayes: Senior Investment Officer, CalPERS
William Hearst III: Partner, Kleiner Perkins
James Heath: Professor of Chemistry, California Institute of Technology
Mark Heesen: President, National Venture Capital Association (NVCA)
Susan D. Hellman: Executive vice president, Genentech
Jeff Hittner: CSR Leader, IBM Global Business Services
Leroy Hood: President, Director and Professor, Institute for Systems Biology
Robert Hormats: Vice chairman & managing director, Goldman Sachs & Company
R. Glenn Hubbard: Former economic advisor, White House and President Bush
Edward Iacobucci: Founder, Citrix Systems
Louis Ignarro: Nobel Laureate, Physiology, Medicine
Paul Jacobs: Senior vice president, Qualcomm
Bill Joos: Partner, Garage Technology Ventures
Brad Jones: Partner, Redpoint Ventures
Steve Jurvetson: Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Daniel Kahneman: Nobel Laureate, Economic Sciences
Thomas Kalinske: CEO, LeapFrog Enterprises, Inc.
Myron Kandel: Financial Editor and Anchor, CNNfn
Bruce Karatz: Chairman and CEO, Kaufman & Broad Home Corporation
Bridget Karlin: Managing director, Redleaf Venture Group
Mel Karmazin: President and COO, Viacom Inc
Guy Kawasaki: Partner, Garage Technology
John H. Kehl: Strategy and Business Development, Edwards Life Sciences
Jack Kemp: Congressman, and presidential candidate
Jeong H. Kim: Founder, Yurie Systems
Larry King: Host, Larry King Live, CNN TV
Leonard Kleinrock: Professor, UCLA, sent first message across the Internet
Walter Kohn: Nobel Laureate, Physics
Vinod Khosla: Partner, Kleiner Perkins
Lawrence Klein: Nobel Laureate, Economic Sciences
Klaus E. Koch: Principal, Kline Hawkes & Co
Robert Kotick: Chairman, CEO, Activision, Inc.
Timothy Koogle: Past president and chairman, Yahoo!
George Kozmetsky: Chairman, IC2 Institute
Scott Kriens: Chairman and CEO, Juniper Networks
Lawrence Kudlow: Co-host, “Kudlow & Cramer,” CNBC
Arthur Laffer: Chairman, Laffer Associates
Yair Landau: Vice Chairman, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Marc Lautenbach: Vice president, IBM Business Partners
Jeff Lawrence: Co-founder, Trillium Digital Systems
Joshua Lederberg: Nobel Laureate, Medicine
Noel Lee: Founder, The Head Monster, Monster Cable Products
Tracy Lefteroff: Global Managing Partner, PricewaterhouseCoopers
Tim Leiweke: President, Anschutz Entertainment Group
Dawn Lepore: Former CIO, Charles Schwab
Linda Fayne Levinson: Partner, Global Retail Partners (GRP)
William Link: Co-founder, Versant Ventures
Jay W. Lorsch: Professor, Harvard Business School
Daniel Love: Managing Partner, Ernst & Young
Barbara N. Lubash: Partner, Versant Ventures
Eugene A. Ludwig: Vice Chairman, Deutsche Bank
Randy Lunn: General partner, Palomar Ventures
Michael Lynton: Chairman and CEO, Sony Pictures Entertainment
Rick Lytel: Vice President, Chief Technologist, Sun Microsystems
Patrick J. McGovern: Chairman of the board, IDG
Regis McKenna: Author, marketing consultant
N. Gregory Mankiw: Chairman, White House Council of Economic Advisers
Alfred Mann: Chairman, CEO, MannKind Corporation
Michael Medavoy: Movie producer, winner of three Academy Awards
Adam Meyerson: President, The Philanthropy Roundtable
Ravi B. Mhatre: General partner, Lightspeed Venture Partners
Michael R. Milken: Former financier, philanthropist
Avram Miller: CEO, The Avram Miller Company
Jody Miller: Venture Partner, Maveron
Jonathan Miller: Chairman and CEO, America Online
Merton Miller: Nobel Laureate, Economic Sciences
Leslie Moonves: Chairman, CEO, CBS
Geoffrey A. Moore: Author, Crossing the Chasm
John Morgridge: Past-president, chairman Cisco Systems
John Morris: Past-president, Tech Coast Angels, Managing Director GKM Ventures
Robert Mundell: Nobel Laureate, Economic Sciences
Barry Munitz: President and CEO, The J. Paul Getty Trust
Rupert Murdoch: Chairman and CEO, News Corporation
John F. Nash: Nobel Laureate, Economic Sciences
David Neeleman: Founder, Chairman and CEO, JetBlue Airways
Michael Nevens: Managing Partner, McKinsey & Co., Inc.
Dominic Ng: Chairman, President and CEO, East West Bank
Douglass North: Nobel Laureate, Economics
Adebayo Ogunlesi: Managing Director, Credit Suisse First Boston
Donald Ohlmeyer: Former President, NBC, Former Executive Producer, ABC
Dean Ornish: Founder and President, Preventive Medicine Research Institute
Warren Packard: Partner, Draper Fisher Jurvetson
Larry Page: Co-founder, Google
Robert T. Parry: President, Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco
Alan Patricoff: Chairman, Apax Partners
William H. Payne: Tech Coast Angels
Anthony B. Perkins: Chairman and Editor-in-Chief, Red Herring
William Perry: 19th U.S. Secretary of Defense
Nancy Pfund: Managing Director, JP Morgan H&Q
Steven Pinker: Professor, Brain and Cognitive Sciences, MIT
Luther Ragin, Jr.: Vice President, Social Investing, The F.B. Heron Foundation
Sumner Redstone: Chairman and CEO, Viacom
Bill Reichert: President, Garage Technology Partners
Jesse Reyes: Senior researcher, Venture Economics
Gary Rieschel: Executive managing director, Mobius Ventures
Leonard Riggio: Chairman, CEO, Barnes & Noble
Pat Riley: NBA basketball coach
Richard Riordan: Partner, Riordan and McKinzie, former mayor of Los Angeles
Richard Roberts: Managing Director, Urban Investment Group, Goldman Sachs
Sandy Robertson: Founder, Robertson-Stephens investment bank
Harvey Rosenblum: Senior Vice President, Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
David Satterthwaite: President, CEO & Co-Founder, Prisma MicroFinance, Inc.
Ed Sauve: Senior vice president, Silicon Valley Bank
Bob Schieffer: Anchor, Face the Nation, CBS News
Myron Scholes: Nobel Laureate, Economics
Joe Schoendorf: Venture Partner, Accel Partners
Carl J. Schramm: CEO, Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation
Richard Schulze: Founder, Best Buy retail stores
John Sculley: Past-president, Apple Computer
Reinhard Selten: Nobel Laureate, Economic Sciences
Terry Semel: Chairman and CEO, Yahoo!
George T. Shaheen: Chairman, CEO, Webvan Group
Richard Shuttleworth: Senior vice president, Silicon Valley Bank
Orin Smith: President and CEO, Starbucks Corporation
Rebecca Smith: Judge, Ernst & Young’s Entrepreneur of the Year Awards program
A. Michael Spence: Nobel Laureate, Economic
Leo Spiegel: Partner, Mission Ventures
Jack Stack: Author, The Great Game of Business
Leigh Steinberg: Chairman and CEO, Steinberg Moorad & Dunn
Bill Stensrud: Managing director Enterprise Partners
Barry Sternlicht: Chairman and CEO, Starwood Hotels & Resorts Worldwide
Denise Benou Stires: Executive vice president, global marketing NASDAQ
Donald Straszheim: Past-president, Milken Institute
Michael Svinte: Vice President, Business Development, IBM Life Sciences
Diane Swonk: Former Chief Economist, Senior Vice President of Bank One
Donald Tang: Senior Managing Director, Bear, Stearns & Co. Inc
John S. Taylor: Former vice president of research, NVCA
Tommy Thompson: Former Secretary of Health and Human Services
Alvin Toffler: Author, Futurist
Janie Tsao: Co-founder, Linksys
Ron Unz: Chairman, English for the Children
Les Vadasz: Employee #4 at Intel Corporation, founder, Intel Capital
Yossi Vardi: President and Founding Investor, International Technologies/ICQ, Ltd
Hal Varian: Dean, Haas School of Business, University of California, Berkeley
Craig Ventor: President of the first company to map an entire human genome
Ted Virtue: President, Deutsche Bank Capital Partners, Deutsche Banc Securities
George Vradenburg, III: Senior vice president, America Online
John T. Wall: President, NASDAQ International
Louise J. Wannier: Chairman, CEO, Enfish Technology
James Watson: Nobel Laureate, Physiology or Medicine
Ben J. Wattenberg: Senior Fellow, American Enterprise Institute
J. Neil Weintraut: Partner, Palo Alto Venture Partners
Steve Westly: Controller, State of California
Donald Williams: Venture Capital Group Leader, Ernst & Young
Bruce G. Willison: Dean, Anderson School at University of California, Los Angeles
Gary Wilson: Chairman, Northwest Airlines
Ann Winblad: Partner, Hummer-Winblad
Yoram (Jerry) Wind: Professor of Marketing, Wharton Fellows Program
Christianna Wood: Senior Investment Officer, Global Equity, CalPERS
Martin Wygod: Chairman, WebMD
Steve Wynn: President and CEO, Wynn Resorts
Nick Yocca, Stradling Yocca Carlson & Rauth
Fareed Zakaria: Managing Editor, Foreign Affairs
Sam Zell: Chairman, Equity Group Investments, LLC
Ahmed Zewail: Nobel Laureate, Chemistry