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We are a non-profit that promotes the advancement of entrepreneurial education. Working as a global business incubator we facilitate introductions to investors, professional service providers, and other entrepreneurs. Using our exclusive “Roadmap to Entrepreneurial Success” we have helped entrepreneurs raise over $100 million.

Supporting Entrepreneurial Capitalism Around the World
We feel that it is not enough to just focus on inventors and breakthrough innovations. We found that entrepreneurs need to be cultivated as well, so that innovations can be turned into jobs and economic growth. We have helped entrepreneurs raise more than $100 million and create companies that are worth hundred of millions of dollars. We are supported by sales of publications, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists, investment bankers, angel investors, and individual donors.

We Are The Trusted Source For Educating & Supporting Entrepreneurs
Our books and course materials are used in the Top 10 best graduate programs in the USA that teach entrepreneurship, and 8 of the Top 10 best undergraduate programs in the USA that teach entrepreneurship.


entrepreneurial capitalism: private capital, investing in private start-ups, with potential for a viable harvest

Our Value Line
“Dream It! Plan It! Do It!”


Our Vision
We believe that entrepreneurship is the link between inventors, innovation, and economic growth. Our Vision is to research, organize, and share valuable knowledge in an “open-source” format that advances the studies on entrepreneurship, and bridges the gap between theory and practice.


Our Mission Statement
“Learn Local – Share Global”
To spread wealth creation around the world by encouraging entrepreneurship and sharing knowledge to those who support and educate entrepreneurs.

Global Community For Advancing Studies on Entrepreneurship

Our Educational Activities
Entrepreneurship is the cornerstone of the free enterprise system. We have found that more than 500 million adults were engaged in some form of entrepreneurial activity around the world each year. Good entrepreneurial management is therefore vitally important to the economic health not only of American businesses, but also of businesses in the rest of the world.

Because of its importance, entrepreneurial management should be thoroughly understood, but this is easier said than done. The field is relatively complex, and it is undergoing constant change in response to shifts in economic conditions.

In addition, there is a substantial body of knowledge, concepts, and tools that entrepreneurs need to know in order to launch and grow a company successfully. All of this makes entrepreneurship stimulating and exciting but also challenging and sometimes discouraging.

Our educational activities include:

– Publishing educational books, textbooks, newsletters, articles, white papers and other public interest materials to increase awareness of entrepreneurship

– Serving hundreds of educational institutions, thousands of students studying entrepreneurship, and potentially millions around the world

– Providing our Online Incubator Program and other advisory services to the general public worldwide as an educational service

– Leading and producing public discussion groups, forums, panels, guest lectures, radio programs, and educational workshops

– Developing and leading formal instructional and educational activities with our Community Partners


Our Community Members
Entrepreneurs embody the true dream and passion for living. Fired with ideas, they are the engines to economic growth. Entrepreneurship is the vehicle for creating new jobs, generating revenue, advancing innovation, enhancing productivity, and improving business models and processes.

Despite the challenges, entrepreneurship has never before been more vital to our global economy than it is today. It is our best offense for economic progress and our finest defense against the status quo. Promoting entrepreneurship is in everyone’s best interest.

We help anyone who stands to benefit and/or profit from the confluence of entrepreneurial activities including:

– Founders and entrepreneurial leaders of startups, nonprofits, and fast growing ventures
– Corporate executives in charge of leading new business development, research and development programs, and new product innovation
– Scientists and technology transfer specialists from academic and research institutions
– Venture capitalists, investment bankers, and angel investors
– Educators and professional service providers from consulting, law, accounting, and financial firms


Our Global Presence on the Internet
We are an “open-source” community and therefore organizations around the world are free to use our ideas, our information, and our online support to advance entrepreneurship.

Our work has been cited in key papers, articles, and numerous research studies around the world. Our Web site is recognized as one of the best resources on the Internet for entrepreneurs, academia, and researchers around the world.