Roland Sands Biker Build Off

In Biker Build-Off, each customizer will be given two weeks to create a one-of-a-kind motorcycle, from the ground up. Although aesthetics are crucial to all the builds, the contest also requires the bikes to work; the builders must ride them as far as 1,000 miles to major bike events, where attendees vote for their favorite.

Episode 4: Willow Springs, California…home of “The Fastest Track in the World. It is here that two of the hottest young builders in the world, Roland Sands and Jesse Rooke, will face off in the ultimate Biker Build Off Challenge: In just ten days these two hotshots must build high speed motorcyles which are fit to race.

If they succeed, Sands and Rooke will go head to head in three different style contests…all dangerous: a two mile course, a drag course and a dirt flat track. The winner of two out of three will take home the trophy. This Rooke vs. Sands race off is a Biker Build Off first.