ToughLove Online Parenting Services

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ToughLove has the resources, strategic partners, and affiliate groups all over the world and needed a complete organizational audit to get started with its new strategic initiatives. The Founders of this world-famous 25-year-old organization knew that they were getting old and needed an entirely new leadership team to take their Company into the 21st century. With the new venture team in place, the Company has raised more than $3 million, and released a brand new book published by McGraw-Hill.

Inspired by the revolutionary bestseller Toughlove, a guide to help parents discipline their children with love and consistency Toughlove was an international bestseller and one of the first guidebooks for parents of extremely troubled teens. The Toughlove Prescription picks up where the million-plus mega-seller left off, helping you discipline your children, who live in a world saturated by cell phones, the Internet, and graphic displays of nudity and violence. This book helps you apply the Toughlove® techniques to more-common problems such as a messy room, smoking, and homework. It also incorporates a new, four-step program for you to reach out to your teens.