Performance Machine Motorcycle Accessories

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Performance Machine is one of the most successful manufacturers of motorcycle accessories in the industry today. With more than 300 employees, $40 million in topline sales, and manufacturing operations in Southern California, China, and Europe, this Company is the industry leader for high-performance parts and accessories in the motorcycle industry.

The Company needed to quickly assess the financial health of the organization and allocate resources to optimize the organization’s performance for development of a new product line. Responsibilities for this assignment included conducting business performance reviews of all the Company’s activities, focusing on business process improvement and quality control and management of its Chinese manufacturing capabilities, creating a roadmap for allocating critical capital resources based on the market potential of the new product line, alignment of working capital management with the new product development thrust, and optimizing supply chain processes and management across three continents, thus achieving high asset productivity. Analytical tools used included financial decision support models, cost analysis, forecasting, generic benchmarking, and productivity measurement.