DRB Innovations Custom Wheels

DRB Innovations was an early-stage company that needed a strategic plan that focused on creating the value proposition as a driver of sustainable competitive advantage. The Company needed to quickly address a tremendous new business opportunity it faced. The Company imports, warehouses, and distributes custom automotive rims to retailers and jobbers in the Southern California marketplace. A major chain of automotive retail stores approached this Company and proposed a strategic alliance to supply a new line of wheelsets.

Responsibilities include translating key emerging trends into new dynamic business opportunities; exploring strategic challenges of global expansion, reaching into the supply chain of Chinese manufacturers; analyzing the opportunities and constrains posed by regulatory change; examining competitor intelligence; conducting scenario planning/planning for multiple futures; maximizing core business value that the Company was creating; differentiating the value proposition among the industry’s direct competitors; analyzing distribution channel development and integration; tailoring the value chain to the business strategy; building a successful strategic alliance with the automotive chain; and exploring offshoring models and approaches for cost reduction with the suppliers of wheelsets.